Solutions Designed to Eliminate Unplanned Expenses.

Our commercial roofing experts are focused on helping you protect your roofing investment by transforming your commercial roofing systems from an unpredictable expense into proactively managed assets.

Pro Com Advantage Roof Maintenance

The best thing you can do for your roof is preventative maintenance. That’s where Pro Com Advantage comes in. Pro Com Advantage is a roof maintenance enrollment plan created to help you safeguard the investment you made in your commercial roofing system.

Enrolling in Pro Com Advantage gives you the benefit of receiving scheduled roof inspections, roof cleaning, and roof trash removal. We have several packages available to accommodate your building and your budget.


Pro Com Advantage is a way for building owners to keep their roofs in watertight condition. Regular inspection and maintenance is a key factor in keeping a roof system functioning properly. There are several packages available and each one can be customized to meet the facilities specific needs. Pro Com Advantage works in conjunction with our service division so that the same technician is on the job year after year to assure continuity. Pro Com utilizes a roof specific database to schedule and track service calls, roof types, roof expense reports, roof warranties and other information specific to your buildings’ roof system.


• Track warranty information

• Priority status on leak calls.

• An annual visit by a PCRC service Foreman including cleaning drainage points, topping off pitch pockets and a full visual inspection.

• 5% discount on all proposed and scheduled work

• A report sent to the building owner reviewing what was done. As well as any concerns about the roof, a proposal or recommendation with photographs.

• An initial report will be formulated and used as a bench mark or starting point to manage the life cycle of the roof. This report will outline the condition of the existing roof system and any needed repairs and preventative maintenance suggestions

• A Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) outlining the roof and specific areas


An experienced roofing professional will review your roof on a predetermined schedule to make certain that the roof is functioning properly and to identify any areas of concern. Many times we find small items that can be easily repaired. Left unattended they can turn into large, expensive repairs or replacements. Even new roofs with warranties should be inspected yearly to make certain they are being maintained properly. The last thing a building owner wants to hear is their roof warranty is void due to lack of maintenance or neglect.


• Infrared roof scans

• Additional site(s) visits (Bi-Annual or Quarterly)

• Detailed CAD drawing denoting every penetration marked on the drawing.

• Core cuts of each roof level with a detailed roof composition report


Infrared Roof Scan

If you’re negotiating the purchase, sale or lease of a commercial building, for a small price an infrared roof scan is the perfect tool for detecting moisture intrusion and directing any necessary repair efforts to only the areas which need it, minimizing costs and maximizing repair dollars.

After doing a complete infrared scan of your roof, we create a detailed and professional infrared report documenting the entrained roof moisture.

The results of an infrared thermographic roof survey can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected roof repairs on a new commercial building purchase or to confirm the integrity of a roof prior to a sale.

Visual Roof Inspection

Periodic visual roof inspections can increase the service life of a commercial roof by identifying deficient conditions and repairs needed,  maximizing the effective roof service life and thereby reducing the roof’s life cycle costs.

Our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof area identifying and photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting what they find on a roof plan. The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious roof deficiencies, but also the not-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possibly premature failure.

All roof inspections include a comprehensive report that includes an in-depth analysis and documentation of each roof section complete with:

  • Grading of the current condition of all roof sections to determine lifespan.
  • Detailed budget recommendations for both short & long term solutions.
  • Roof Drawings
  • Photos & Descriptions
  • Recommendations